Workshops (In-person or Virtual) and Webinars to Help You Identify, Acquire, Nurture, and Retain the Best Talent in the World

Build a team of top-performing engaged employees who love their jobs and want to stay.

Customized Workshops

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Ongoing training is crucial in order to provide the support your organization needs.

But it’s not always easy to make the time,

Half-day or full-day workshops (in-person or virtual), webinars, or fireside chats can provide your people with the knowledge and skills needed to be super effective in their roles without taking a lot of time out of their day or week.

Workshops are customized to meet your needs. Period.

Check out these most popular workshop topics, then schedule a call:

• Poaching Talent Session: How to Capture Your Competitor’s Top Talent While Safeguarding Your Own

• Talent Magnetism Boot Camp: Transform Your Organization into a Talent Magnet!

• Selecting for Success: Behavioral-Based Interviewing Workshop

• The “IT” Factor: Executive Presence for Women in Tech

• Evergreen Talent®: How to Seed, Grow and Cultivate a Sustainable Workforce

• What Makes Top Organizations Excellent (And How You Can Become One of Them by Monday Morning)

• Moving Ahead by Leading Across: Learn How You Can Increase Trust and Unleash the Power in Your Organization

• Managing Up in a Top-Down World: Strengthening Your Management Team

• Running of the Bulls, American Style: How to Keep Your Employees from Stampeding Out the Door

• We Need to Talk: Difficult Work Conversations Made Easy

• Beyond Employee Retention – Employee Engagement

“Roberta presented an engaging and informative webinar on “Managing Up in a Top Down World” for Northeastern University’s alumni. This thought provoking session provided practical strategies for navigating office politics and building effective relationships for career advancement. Roberta’s extensive expertise and knowledge of workplace trends was apparent as she skillfully answered a wide range of questions from participants. Her well-organized presentation made it easy for the audience to commit to implementing her advice.”

Michele Rapp,

Associate Director, Alumni Career Strategy, Northeastern University

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Finding the right talent is hard. Finding the right talent that will prosper and stay is even harder when you do it alone.

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