Ignite Leadership Transformation:

Join the Ranks of Top Leaders in 2024’s Exclusive Program – Limited Seats!

Give your high performers the strategic boost they need to excel.

I know firsthand the isolation and uncertainty senior leaders face in the corporate world.

With no supportive network of peers to turn to when challenges arose, I caught myself falling into fruitless rumination rather than decisive maneuvering far too often.

That’s why I created the Leadership Growth Circle—an immersive accelerator proven to help established leaders achieve their highest potential by uniting them in a trusted peer advisory group within their organization.

Developing Agile, Future-Ready Leadership from Within

You’re an executive and you’d like to strengthen your organization’s ability to solve bigger problems faster.

By providing sponsorship for your managers and senior staff for this exclusive development program, your organization gains:

  • Strengthened strategy skills within your leadership ranks.
  • Greater retention of seasoned talent through engagement and advancement opportunities.
  • Fresh perspectives and methods through peer collaboration and expert coaching.
  • Improved leadership agility to navigate complexity and change.
  • A robust leadership pipeline enabling seamless succession transitions.

Don’t lose your seasoned talent due to stagnation. Investing in your leaders shows your commitment to supporting and elevating established leaders. Unlock their full leadership potential today.

How the Circle Works:


Your organization selects up to 10 leaders for this immersive experience.


We’ll establish one stretch goal per person that will create substantial value.


Participants will meet over Zoom to master a six-step strategy to achieve more in less time.


We’ll expose and eliminate unseen obstacles that impede success.


Expert facilitation from a former executive and experienced leadership coach.

The Leadership Growth Circle is exactly the kind of practical, sassy and intimate experience we’ve been looking for. I am enjoying the peer coaching and exchange of real-world experience with other participants as well as the sage advice from Roberta.

Deniz Razon

Chief Business Officer Servier Pharmaceuticals

Only 4 Classes Per Year Offered

Due to the intimate nature of the Leadership Growth Circle, I’m only facilitating four of these groups per year. Secure a place for the leaders in your company, before they’re all gone!

Two coworkers bumping fists celebrating their results

Guaranteed Growth-Results-Driven Program

We guarantee a transformative experience. If you aren’t satisfied, you have up to 90 days to request a no-fuss refund on your entire investment.

Woman using laptop to inquire about Growth Circle

Inquire here to Reserve Your Leaders’ Spots

Interested in having your managers participate in a Leaders Growth Circle? Reach out to Roberta via roberta@matusonconsulting.com to discuss what is involved and how to get started.

The Leaders Growth Circle is a leadership development program for organizations who want to invest in their managers’ growth and potential. Imagine how quickly your company would grow if your leaders were in alignment and were able to solve big problems with minimal effort. 

To bring The Leaders Growth Circle to your organization, contact Roberta today.

Finding the right talent is hard. Finding the right talent that will prosper and stay is even harder when you do it alone.

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