Coaching Good Leaders into
Magnetic Leaders

Become a leader who attracts top talent that wants to stay with you.

Top Performing Teams

Less Stress & More Time

Illustrious Leadership Career

Everyone wants to be a better, more magnetic leader.

There’s a problem.

  • They don’t want to look weak.
  • They feel they should have all the answers.
  • They think getting to this place will require time they don’t have.

Thankfully, there’s a solution.

What is the difference between mediocre leaders versus awesome leaders?

Quite simply – they have help. Like all great athletes, the best leaders in the world are also coached. Even the world’s top CEOs have trusted experts and authorities at their side to help them make important business decisions.

Roberta Matuson is one of those trusted experts.

“Roberta has given me the tools to deal with challenging issues and progress as a leader in helping me shift my thinking. Every time I have a conversation with Roberta, I walk away with an idea I can immediately implement. Her direct approach is a breath of fresh air!”

Dominique Verhelle

Head of Strategic Academic Alliances
Center for External Innovation at Takeda

What could your leadership career look like?

Fast forward into the future.

You’re wearing a smile and looking forward to going to work.


Because you have a team of dynamic people in your corner that you can depend on and have achieved more than you thought possible – under your leadership.

Awesome leaders have help.

As a former executive, Roberta understands the challenges and stresses you face as a C-Suite executive.

For more than 25 years, Roberta has coached hundreds of leaders in some of the world’s top organizations, including General Motors, Microsoft, and Takeda. They, in turn, have significantly impacted their teams and organization. These leaders have achieved extraordinary levels of success.

“I was fortunate to have some great mentos early in my career but never had a professional coach before. How I wish I had hired Roberta sooner. … I encourage anyone wanting to move ahead to call Roberta – the sooner the better.

Elizabeth McKinley

V.P. of Development
KZ Companies, LLC

Three Ways To Be Coached

On-call Remote Coaching

On-call remote consulting and coaching services are designed for situations when you need advice on a particular matter, rather than a full-scale consulting or coaching engagement.

Executive Coaching

Coaching for executives on how to improve your executive presence, influence with integrity, manage for performance, and leverage people’s talents.

Team Coaching

Team coaching (minimum 3 people) to accelerate both individual and team performance.

What are you waiting for?


Call Roberta to see how she can help you.


Receive the coaching you need to help you succeed.


See a difference in yourself and your team.

“I was lucky enough to have Roberta as a coach during a time I was busy recruiting staff and new to a leadership position during a critical period. …By the time our session was up I always had a viable solution which helped move me to my goal – and just felt better! Roberta is very quick at peeling away the layers and helping you see situations in a new light.”

Sue Fekete,

VP and Head of Global Regulatory Affairs Takeda

What’s included with coaching?

All coaching includes:

 Individualized developmental behavioral and skills objectives
Identifying measures for success
Deadlines, action plans, and accountabilities
Scheduled bi-weekly phone calls
In-person meetings as desired and we deem appropriate*
Unlimited access to me via email and phone
Unlimited review of work
Follow up call six weeks after the engagement has ended to help you stay on track

*We may use Zoom if we both feel this is more efficient than in-person meetings.

Our experience has shown that coaching is most effective when there is a pre-determined end date in mind.
Most of our coaching clients engage us for six to nine months. In certain situations, we may recommend a shorter engagement. Together, we will decide what’s most appropriate given the objectives you would like to achieve.

“Roberta has been a tremendous mentor and coach to me… She has partnered with me on multiple professional development fronts, as well as helping me through some very challenging situations. I found Roberta to be wise counsel!”

Allison DiSiena,

VP of Recruiting, Marketing, Interactive and Creative Services Division, 24 Seven Inc

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