Helping organizations identify, acquire, nurture, and retain the best talent in the world.


Hiring and keeping top-notch talent isn’t easy.

Are you frustrated with:

• excellent candidates that turn down your employment offers?
• dealing with employee turnover?
• your best people quitting to work for other companies?
• refereeing people and dealing with workplace drama instead of generating results?

You can confidently handle conflict and build a team of top-performing engaged employees who love their jobs and want to stay.

Finding and keeping top talent has significant benefits for your organization – when it’s done right:


When employees love where they work, they’re naturally more productive.


By reducing employee turnover, you save time and reduce the costs to hire and train new employees.

Generate More Revenue

Top talent employees will save you money and make you more money. Who doesn’t want that?

Ways Roberta Can Help you.

For more than 25 years, Roberta Matuson has been helping organizations find, hire, grow, and keep top talent, helping them achieve dramatic growth and saving them millions of dollars that would otherwise be lost.


Roberta’s highest level of support offering rapid, pragmatic advice to clients on an unrestricted basis.

Coaching and Leadership Development

Group or private coaching and workshops to help leaders reach their highest potential and achieve extraordinary success.


Formulating Evergreen Talent® strategies to help you seed, grow, and cultivate a sustainable workforce, that will stand tall for years to come.

Why handle it on your own when working with Roberta is easy?

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Work through the process

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Happy, Awesome Employees

Enjoy working with productive and engaged employees.

Finding the right talent is hard. Finding the right talent that will prosper and stay is even harder when you do it alone.

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